The Main Difference

I am pretending to be a college student right now.  I’m in the library of the local university.  I wonder if they know I’m faking.  haha

This is fun…

1)  I have thousands of books at my disposal.

2)  I’m not here to write a paper.

3)  I don’t have to go back to my dorm room/roommate when I’m done here.

4)  I get paid a whole lot more than anyone in here.


1)  I don’t know my way around here yet.

2)  I don’t have access to the wireless from Sexy MacBook (have to use one of their desktops).

3)  They don’t have to go to work early in the morning.

4)  They have more people to hang out with.

The MAIN difference though????????



~ by Eva on September 16, 2010.

One Response to “The Main Difference”

  1. Nice entry. I know exactly what you mean….wayyyyyy cooler!;)

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