Quotes I Found Today

“This very moment God has His fingers gripped around your chin, saying, ‘Right here, Child. Look right here. Don’t look right or left. Stare straight into My face. I am your Deliverer. There is none like Me.'”

“Pain plants the flag of truth in a rebel heart.”

“Our capacity to choose changes constantly with our practice of life. The longer we continue to make the wrong decisions, the more our heart hardens; the more often we make the right decision, the more our heart softens-or better perhaps, comes alive.” -Erich Fromm

“Conversely, it is the unwillingness to suffer emotional pain that usually lies at the very root of emotional illness.Those who fully experience depression, doubt, confusion, and despair may be infinitely more healthy than those who are generally certain, complacent, and self-satisfied. The denial of suffering is, in fact, a better definition of illness than its acceptance.”-M. Scott Peck, People Of The Lie


~ by Eva on October 1, 2010.

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