My Day: Clinically-Speaking

This is how I write all day long and this is what I would say about myself today if I was my supervisor…

The client presented as a 25 year old, Caucasian, female of average height and weight.  She was appropriately dressed, though was observed to be unshowered, as evidenced by her hair appearing slightly un-kept.  The client was able to engage the writer and was oriented to person, place, and time; was slightly withdrawn and guarded, but made eye-contact and displayed a sense of humor in appropriate situations.  The youth arrived early to her place of employment and was observed to engage herself in work-duties immediately thereafter.  Additionally, she was present at a meeting with the writer, which was her annual evaluation; present at the stated meeting were the client, the writer, and the Site Director.  During the meeting the client offered minimal verbal statements as her evaluation was read, though displayed non-verbal signs of engagement in the process, i.e. nodding of head, holding copy of paper being read.  When acknowledged for a response, she reported the evaluation seemed “fair and accurate” and she participated appropriately in an approximately ten (10) minute discussion on the subject of her work performance during the previous year of employment.  Throughout the noted discussion the client interacted in a professional manner with the writer and Site Director, the only exception being when she seemingly accidentally passed flatulence.  At the time of this occurrence the client appeared surprised and embarrassed.  She was observed to laugh briefly, before apologizing for what she stated was a “release of tension.”


~ by Eva on October 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “My Day: Clinically-Speaking”

  1. Form:
    Creative, my dear! I liked reading a sample of your clinical writing, and it was fun hearing about this portion of your day, and fun that it was in a clinical setting that you were reporting. Very creative.

    I was giggling at “observed to be unshowered.” and laughed outright at your “release of tension.” Too funny my dear. Glad you were able to keep the laughter to a minimum ; )

    Can’t wait to see you this evening. I should be taking photos with C & L & E around the time you get off work, maybe call me and I’ll confirm where I am….?

    love to you.

    Also, looking forward to hearing more about your evaluation and rest of life.

    • I wondered if anyone would believe me about the farting bit… apparently so… 😉

      Love you! Can’t wait to see you!!

  2. com’on when one of your friend’s favorite foods is her mom’s 6-bean-something-or-other and one of her favorite types of humor is jr-high-fart-ghost-poopie-etc-etc , and she used to wear cool vests (oh wait, that has nothing to do with this conversation)… you believe it when she says she farted in an interview…just saying, it is not hard to believe you farted, but rather that you would be able to keep laughter to a minimum…as previously noted ; )
    can’t wait to see you.

  3. Ssshhh!!! You are revealing my true self here, woman, QUIET!!! 🙂

    P.S. Just for the record I did NOT fart in that interview; I just wanted to see who would believe me.. haha! I never thought it would be the one who knows me best! lol

    P.S.S. And you are right that I would not have been able to keep the laughter to a minimum… it would have arisen many times throughout the rest of that meeting… you know how it goes when something strikes me funny… every subsequent time I think of it, I can’t help laughing again.

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