Commonly said to INFPs

“‘Smile more’ and ‘You look grumpy’ – I can’t help that my default setting is sitting in thought….and that apparently I look angry while doing so. I promise I’m not, I just can’t be asked to sit around smiling when there’s so many thoughts to overthink.”

”You look like you have something on your mind..”

You know you’re an INFP when……

when you totally blow through a stop sign because you are so focused on something else other than driving.

you feel embarrassed and irritated when someone catches you smirking at your own thoughts and you are forced to tell them what you were thinking because chances are they do not understand why it is funny.

you are more excited about having a day with no plans than a day full of plans

You know when you’re an INFP when you lock yourself in a room in a feeble attempt to get some work done and can only result in a 4 hour marathon of 90’s techno music, internet games involving ninjas and contemplating a meaningful response to an internet forum, finally culminating with a walk outside because it’s a cloudy and damp day and there will be nearly no one hanging around by the lake…

You know you’re an INFP when you are riding in a car and then you realize you are totally lost cause you were not paying attention to where you were going and you can’t remember where you wanted to go OR you’ve been there a million times but don’t realize it’s the same place since you can’t remember how you got there.

when you can remember conversations from two years ago about nothing but forget to replace the gas cap on your car befor you drive away.

…you feel guilty for winning a game, since it might make the other partisipant feel bad about themselves

…your thoughts have a soundtrack, jump cuts, and other special effects.

…If you find yourself daydreaming about all sorts of imaginary or hypothetical situations and you find yourself having very intense reactions even though none of these things actually have happened or are likely to happen.

*Everything on this post came from here >>


~ by Eva on October 10, 2010.

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