The Upside to Being a Pessimist

So I was walking along the street three days ago with my best friend, minding my own business…

When I realized something as we talked.

I couldn’t BELIEVE it.  Even now… it’s still sinking in.

Guess what…

After years and years of studying counseling and positive thinking and all that jazz…





That’s not a very optimistic prognosis, if I do say so myself.  (tehehehe)

But here’s the upside…

1)  I’m never disappointed. – Like in the case of marriage, I sometimes find myself genuinely surprised that people are getting married.  Weird, I realize.  But that’s because I have never, ever – not even for a moment – assumed I would get married.  And I say, Thank You, Jebus, I’m not married.  I wouldn’t want to be married now – no way, Hosea.  And seriously, when there are “so many thoughts to over-think,” who has the time to get themselves married off anyway.  🙂

2)  You don’t always have to find an “upside” to things.  Which is good, because I can’t really think of any others besides never being disappointed.

The only other thing I’ve thought about in this regard over that last few days is that being a pessimist is like the bottom of the barrel.  And you can only go up from there.

In life, there certainly is a place for hope, even expectation.  If you know what you want, then you can work toward it.  But if you’ve only spent time thinking about the worst-case-scenario, then what do you think is going to happen??  Maybe not the worst-case-scenario, but you probably aren’t going to get too many steps above it.

So here’s the good part – better than not being disappointed – … now that I know I’m a pessimist, I have/can recognize that what I’ve always thought of as “likely”, i.e. the worst-case-scenario, is in actuality, just another negatively distorted thought in a whole series/pattern of such.

You know what that means??  I know what that means for me… there actually is hope for good things in my life.  Even *really* good things, like marriage.  All this time, I thought they weren’t going to happen.  Certainly not.  But that was just me being pessimistic.

If all this time I’ve been a pessimist, then things are looking good because all the things I’ve chosen not to hope for Just.  Might.  Happen.

And that’s not being optimistic.  That’s being REALISTIC.

So, hold on for dear life, Eva girl…

And hope for the best.


~ by Eva on October 11, 2010.

One Response to “The Upside to Being a Pessimist”

  1. glad i could walk along as you made that discovery : )
    love the picture you chose to pair with the post.

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