Eva’s Daily Affirmation

*Inspired by >> this <<.

I like my dad!

I like my mom!

I like my bed!

I like the heels I’m hearing!

I like my apartment!

I like my Nephew!

I like my sister!

I like my brother!

I like my life experiences!

I like my blog(s)!

I like my sense of humor!

I like my job… sometimes!

I like my coworkers!

I like my education!

I like the boys I’ve dated!

I like my clothes!

I like my stuff!

I like myself!

I like my two best friends!

I like my adventurous side!

I like my introspective side!

I like my life!

I can do anything good!


~ by Eva on October 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Eva’s Daily Affirmation”

  1. You seem 2 like it all! That’s great. Continue 2 keep the healthy outlook.

    Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

  2. I like Eva’s blog!!!!

  3. i’m so doing this tonight. i really like it.

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