Good Questions

  • What’s your favorite scene from a movie, and why? My favorite scene is the one from the first Chronicles of Narnia when Lucy P. discovers Narnia in the back of the wardrobe. I like it because is the perfect blend of adventure and mysticism, i.e. with the snow, evergreens, stillness/no wind. I just love it.
  • … What about blogging makes it appealing for you to share your thoughts / emotions? A couple reasons… 1) I feel like I express myself better through writing than talking and 2) by documenting things it helps me categorize them/let go of them/move on, rather than mulling endlessly on things. Plus, I can use my blog as reference points for myself showing my own growth/change and also be able to reference specific things I’ve learned.
  • Does life look good to you right now? Describe your current emotional health. It’s good to be me. I over-analyze things, sometimes to my own detriment, at times my emotions completely cloud my logic – again, to my own detriment – so there are times that my emotional health is questionable. But I’m still young and I don’t think I need to have everything ironed out at this point in my life. I like being me. It’s certainly not that there aren’t unresolved things in my heart, but I have a measure of peace despite.

~ by Eva on October 24, 2010.

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