Birds? Really?!

So I didn’t get that tattoo.

I was on the chair thing, with my foot stenciled and ready to go and the guy to my left preparing the needle.

And I was like…

Uh…. would you mind if I change my mind?

Of course, he was nice about it and let me leave without a tattoo.

I am rethinking what I want to get and am pretty sure what it will be, but Imma think about it a few days and then go back.

Maybe I should get “Lev. 3:16” tattoo-ed on my fanny… Haha!


~ by Eva on October 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Birds? Really?!”

  1. Way to be brave and not feel pressured into it, just because you had “committed” – good work. Looking forward to knowing what you decide on.

  2. That was an interesting move. Lol. Be sure 2 blog on your final decision & post pics! Can’t wait:)

  3. Funny second tattoo blog I have read today! You should read this!

  4. Oh no. what made you change your mind? The pain or the permanency?

    • The permanency. The design he had stenciled on my foot didn’t look anything like what I’d originally asked for. But I do want a tattoo, just gotta make sure I really like it. haha

  5. […] First there was the incident with me changing my mind as I was inches away from the needle. […]

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