Big Fat Whine

I need an end in sight.

My job feel like perpetually being in Finals Week.  Key word:  PERPETUALLY.

I am so mad about it today I want to cry.

I want shift work – with changing shifts – back again!!!


~ by Eva on October 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Big Fat Whine”

  1. Keep looking for alternatives. You’ve got marketable skills and a better than average work ethic.

    • I’ve thought of maybe going back to school as another possibility. I think I can work and do school. Wouldn’t immediately get me out of this particular job, but there would be an end in sight. And hope for something more fitting.

  2. What would you study?

    • Maybe take that class to do caregiving to the elderly in Virginia. Or just go for nursing so I could get paid more than minimum wage, but basically do the same thing. Or start a Ph.D program. I’m very open to other ideas.

      • How ironic would it be for me to go back to school to GET the job I had for five years while I was going to school to be able to do something ELSE?????

    • Or maybe dietetics.

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