Bad At Dating, Good At Relationships

So I said in a post a week or two ago that I’m a commitment-phobic.  It’s true that when it comes to dating, I stress myself out.

BUT… at the same time, I’m very good at relationships.

I’m good at accepting people as they are.  I’m good at changing with the various dynamics and sustaining some level of relationship, despite differences, break-ups, hurt feelings, etc.  I’m good at taking responsibility for how I affect the relationship.  I’m good at (and hate as much as the next person, except that it goes so far toward healing relationships) apologizing.  I’m good at seeing the best in people.  I’m good at rolling with the punches and I’m good at enjoying people.

So I’m bad at dating.  But I am good at relationships.


~ by Eva on October 30, 2010.

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