Listless Productivity

So I woke up today in my cozy, lovely bed and thought about the pants that I had been wanting to repair the hem on.

So I got up and did that.

Then I hung up a jacket that was laying around and turned on my heat (for the first time this fall/winter).

Then I put away my fans and bagged up some items of Goodwill.

Then I thought about how productive I was being and decided to – instead of making a list of things I needed to do – start making a list of things I’ve already done.  It’s the “P” way to do lists, the non-planning way.

I’d never actually done that with my list of things to clean – have only done it consciously with my list of things to do before I die – but it was AWESOME.  I totally loved it.

AND… I got WAY more done that if I’d made a list at the beginning of the day.  Cause here it is – only about three o’clock p.m. – and I can’t think of another thing to clean/put away/organize.  It’s all done!

This is what the post-completion list evolved into after the bagging of the Goodwill items:

– cleaned bathroom sink

– cleaned kitchen floor

– cleaned inside micorwave

– painted toenails

– washed dishes (quite a feat)

– cleaned office mat

– washed burner

– made rice

– cleaned office chair

– filled water bottles

– cleaned stove top

– cleaned out purse

– made shopping list

– sorted mail (5 months worth)

– cleaned desk

– re-organized desk

– dusted bookshelf

– cleaned off night stand

– paid bills

– cleaned bathroom sink

– cleaned bathroom floor

– cleaned toilet

– got AAA membership

*Just a sidenote:  I used an entire can of scrubbing bubbles today.  I wish I would have had that when I was growing up, b/c my mother had this thing for elbow grease, as in – she liked me to use it.  But Scrubbing Bubbles makes life easy, whereas elbow grease does not.

I also thought today about how much I love cleaning and have always loved it.  This love of cleaning is one thing that has been consistent about me throughout my life.  Often times I look back at my pre-YWAM life and can barely remember who I was back then.  But the feeling that I have while and after a productive day of cleaning/organizing is reminiscent of every period of my life.

So reminiscent in fact, that I kind of feel like a kid again when I do it.  This is because – even right now – it’s the exact same feeling that I had when I was nine years old, my room was spotless, my bed was made, and I could just lay on my bed (carefully, so as to not mess up the covers), look at how clean and organized everything was,  and feel like my life was – is – completely in order.


~ by Eva on November 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Listless Productivity”

  1. Love your last paragraph! In fact, I have been having a few blog posts floating around in my head…organizing/cleaning/being productive is one of them…

    “feel like my life was – is – completely in order”

    : )

  2. ps – if the goodwill bag is clothes, any chance i can rummage through it before it gets sent off? ; )

  3. I love the memory of needing to be seen to be working hard – using “elbow grease” 🙂

  4. Elbow grease is good for training up kids to have a work ethic! 😉

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