Bowel Obstruction

Today I went back to see a family that I worked with for about nine months.  The mom is the one who facilitated for me this laugh and this laugh and this laugh and this laugh.  She has got to be one of the funniest women I know.  Anyway, tonight I was going through all the paperwork with her and her son for him to be in another counseling program because he’s recently got in big trouble again.  I was on the “Emergency Medical Form.”  It went something like this…

Me:  Who’s his doctor?

[she answered]

Me:  Has he had a recent physical?

[she answered]

Me:  Who do you want to be the contact in case of emergency?

[she answered]

Me:  Does he have any major medical problems?

Mom:  No.

[she pauses and looks at her son]

Mom:  … but he’s going to soon.

[Her son and I both look at her, confused…]

Mom:  My boot up his a**!

[Her son, the other counselor there with me, and I all started laughing]

The counselor there with me, laughing, says:  I don’t know the medical term for that!

Me:  It’s gotta be a bowel something…

Mom:  It’s a bowel obstruction.


~ by Eva on November 11, 2010.

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