A Side of Me None of You Know

I dance.  I love to dance.

By myself.

Ipod in hand.

Volume up!

It’s a scene none of you have ever seen.

And it’s some of the most fun I ever have.

Not because I don’t do other things that are fun.

But rather, because it is so immensely fun for me.

I was doing it the other night, walking home after a run.

I thought I was alone.

I was making a resounding claim on my fun.

But some kid was walking his dog.

I stopped.

But as soon as he was gone.

I started again.

And danced until I was exhausted.

But victorious, having again tickled to life

A side of me none of you know.

A side that loves exercising the freedom to


P.S.  Someday I MUST learn some kind of Latin dance.  Or FLAMENCO.  This should go on my list of things to do before I die, definitely.



~ by Eva on December 11, 2010.

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