Reasons to Date Me

There are a thousand million reasons why a heterosexual male who is not related to me “should” date me.

For starters, I’m awesome.  There’s just no other way to put it… I’m AWESOME (capitalized for emphasis).

So there’s that, then there’s also the fact that I eat Sweet & Sour sauce with just about everything.  Can you say irresistible?  (did I mean the Sweet & Sour is irresistible or that *I’m* irresistible?)

And if that’s not already enough for you, how about this… I can clap with one hand.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-POW!  I know.  I got it in the bag.

Other reasons not to be over-looked:

I am incredibly funny.

I am the epitome of all things HOT, so hot I’m on fi-yah!

I am Queen of tongue-n-cheek blogging. (catch my drift???)


~ by Eva on January 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Reasons to Date Me”

  1. FYI: TOTALLY laughed out loud at “I can clap with one hand. Ch-ch-ch-ch-POW! I know. I got it in the bag.” (then i proceeded to attempt a rise to your level of coolness by flapping my hand wildly before laughing again at my complete and utter failure!)

    Also while I did enjoy this post for the smile it was intended to bring. I still think you deserve to write a more serious one…

    PS – “I happen to have high regard for your wobbly bits.” ; )

  2. So you’re awesome is what I’m reading. You do realize that no matter how much you write it you are no closer to being as great as me.

  3. […] by my oldest and dearest friend (the lovely and wonderful R), this is my serious (as opposed to >this list<) list of reasons to date […]

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