How I Feel About Valentine’s Day

I have never had a date, a boyfriend, or anything of the sort on a Valentine’s Day.  I am presently 25 years old.

Valentine’s Day has not ever made me particularly aware/sad/self-conscious regarding my singleness.  This is similar to how New Year’s Day has never really signified a new beginning or an ending for me.

Every day is the day… the only day I’m alive in.

I have been thinking lately about how much I think about the past and/or future, respectively.  I decided I don’t think much about the past.  The only context in which I think about the past is in regard to exactly how it affects me Today.

As far as the future is concerned, when I think about it I’m generally only worrying about it.  Very rarely do I anticipate anything too far away from Today.

So what does that leave…

That leaves Today for me to think about.  But it’s not so much that I am focused on living fully in the present, living each moment to the fullest, although I could probably argue that point.  Rather, it’s that I am *inwardly* focused.  This is where my Myers-Briggs is important.

My Myers-Briggs tells me that I am…

*introverted, introspective

*value-driven, idea focused

*emotional, sensitive

*a non-planner/a winger

When I mentioned my Myers-Briggs (INFP) awhile back to my counselor, he said, “Oh, so you’re one of those people who will always be analyzing your emotions.”

I said, “Uh… yeah, you pretty much hit that one on the head.”

So if Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day and other such days are like houses on a street… and I’m walking down the street (which is like Life), then basically, I’m the kid reading a book (like Myself, my emotions, etc.) and not paying attention to what is passing by.

Valentine’s Day is a day.  It’s not a particularly good one, nor a particularly bad one beyond what I make it.  It is a day.

Another day for me to do what I do, i.e. focus on other things.

(Happy belated Valentine’s Day)


~ by Eva on February 15, 2011.

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