So, on a non-vain note… I have been feeling moderately well lately.  A couple-few weeks ago I would have put myself at a 7.5 on a ten point scale (with ten being the highest/best), but I think I’ve shrunk back to maybe a 6/6.5…  Totally not terrible, just been used to feeling like a 7.5.  So, we shall see…

Sidebar:  I have a new friend.  She’s from work… she’s the office coordinator.  We haven’t really talked much until the last 2-3 months and now we have regular interludes at work, during which we ALWAYS make each other laugh.  She’s single too and so that’s one thing we have in common; I certainly am not unhappy that I’m single, but I have found it quite nice to talk about all that (i.e. dating, singleness, and related feelings) with someone.  And there’s another girl at work who I really want to be friends with – we are friends – it’s just kinda weird because I supervise her right now. 😦  Anyway, she’s a friend also with the office coordinator and we have all hung out a couple times outside work with another girl from work too.  That was very nice.  It make me realize that I haven’t really made very many friends since moving here.  But I would like to, at least with them anyway.

I attach very slowly so it doesn’t come naturally for me to go seek out friends and then just start hanging out with them regularly.  It takes a long time for me to want to do that with someone.  Like in this case, I’ve known these girls (they are all my age) for a year and a half now, and I’m just moving into the friend-realm with them and wanting to.  Saturday I’m going with the office coordinator and her roommate to a local sports bar to watch a basketball game.  I’m looking forward to it.  That, and I’m also looking forward to going out with those girls again.

And kinda on the subject of work, my site director approached me the other day and asked if I would have any interest in interviewing/taking either the site director position or clinical supervisor position at new site nearby in our company.  I said I would consider taking the clinical supervisor position.  He said at different points in the conversation, “I certainly like what you’re doing here,” “I don’t know how we’d manage without you.”

That made me feel good about my work.

All my peeps (supervisees) are on Spring Break from school right now (they are counselors in elementary and middle schools, if I haven’t already said that), so my week will be pretty relaxed – just catching up on all the paperwork I do.  I even took yesterday (Monday) off work.  I can’t remember the last time (if ever) I took a day off NOT for the purpose of going to Ohio.  I can’t even tell you how nice it was to have a 3 day weekend and just be at home.  I made a video of my skydive, worked on my taxes, cleaned/organized a bit, putzed around, when for a few walks, watched a movie… it was so nice.

Yeah, so that’s about it for now.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


~ by Eva on March 29, 2011.

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