10 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Saying It) (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

10 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Saying It) 10. Stand up for a friend when he or she is alone. 9. Invite your sibling to hang out with you and your friends. 8. Tell someone you're a better person because of them. 7. Leave a thank you note in someone's pocket. 6. Prepare a meal for someone. 5. Help a friend move. 4. Talk positively about your family when they aren't around. 3. Sing a song on someone's voicemail. 2. Encourage someone's dreams. 1. Tell someone they are your sunshine. … Read More

via Jaclyn Rae's Blog


~ by Eva on April 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “10 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Saying It) (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)”

  1. Are we telekinetically connected? I totally started singing “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” to my friends just yesterday the 9th without reading this post until today the 10th. I have fond memories of singing that song with Best Friend R.’s younger brother in the Shannon one night.

  2. […] Here’s a story to tell. Tears rushing down my face and still I wonder why I feel so constricted. I hear a voice in my head telling me how wrong I am, that I should just give up, ditch choir, stop coming to church, and just forget everything I have learned about love. Love is not rude, love holds no records of wrongs. These tears come from a place deep inside of me that feeling unworthy, like I will never be good enough. The funny part is I was worried about my outfit. I was told my pants were too casual, another time I was told my dress was too high- which it was- and another time I was told my shirt was too low. I never knew how hard it would be to dress comfortably, appropriate to my age, and that is not distracting to others since I am the youngest person in my choir. The next youngest person is at least 24. Some might say I freak out for nothing, but I know there are other people who have experienced some kind of scrutiny. My friend’s mom told me off once because I made a joke about her daughter’s skirt being too low. I did not intend to offend her, in fact I was being sarcastic but I wasn’t being as considerate as I could have been. I thought she looked beautiful, and felt horrible to see that her mom felt offended when I thought I was being a jokester. Everyone should keep their eyes to themselves, but do they- no. Is that exactly a bad thing- not exactly. The truth is we all judge, both good or bad- oh she looks pretty, oh she looks slutty- but what matters is how we listen and act on those thoughts. I choose to listen to those thoughts with love. […]

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