I Am [Not] American [at Heart]

I am going to be buying a car.

I’m on the verge of it.

It’s exciting.

But next to getting this apartment and getting a job, few things have made me feel more


Not in a good sense.

As I said, I’m excited, but I also feel superficial.  Materialistic.  Empty.

Where is my best friend?  She is uber-deep, thoughtful, and excellent.  Keeps me in touch with who I am as a person.

I basically  just want to note that in my whole thought process about this, I am aware of feeling like I want to keep meaning in my life.  Depth.

I want to keep experiencing life outside America, appreciating different cultures from my own, valuing travel, connection with people different from me.  That means something to me.

I’m buying a car, not becoming more American than I already am.

I like “others.”


~ by Eva on April 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “I Am [Not] American [at Heart]”

  1. Might I be your “uber-deep, thoughtful, and excellent” friend who “keeps me in touch with who I am as a person.”
    I like this post. Doug and I have found ourselves struggling with the same type of thing as we consider getting new couches. I think…
    trying to think, what i think and it’s not coming to me…
    but i liked your post and i hear you!

  2. May I suggest adopting? Fostering? having a reason to have a car makes buying the car more fun. “I have to have a car so I can take baby 1,2 and 3 to see the animals at the farm.” Making a difference in the world is something I totally get. It can be done right here in America. I promise.

    • Sandi, i miss reading you! And that is a great idea… I have a car so that I can get around to get to know people and improve how they feel about their lives… and so I feel like The SHIZZZ when I’m driving around. hahaha 🙂

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