Yes, Be My Friend

By my own admission, I’m quite the introvert.  I haven’t always made a lot of effort to make new friends.  Most of my friends from college were from the soccer team, and not necessarily people I ever spent time with outside soccer.  But it just happened, that by the time I was done with my four years there, I’d spent enough time with them that I considered them friends.  They became friends by default.  (That’s not to say they aren’t important to me, even now, years later.)

But I have made way more of a conscious effort to invest in friendships the last year or two since I moved here.  My best friend told me a couple months ago that she heard somewhere that 20% of all the people we meet, we immediately really like.  Then there’s another 20% that we immediately really don’t like.  Then 60% of all the people we meet, we are indifferent about.

There are a few people who I’ve met this year, who I know are in my top 20%.  People that as soon as I spoke to them, I knew I liked them.  Like, my friend’s old roommate (and that friend).  And my co-worker and his wife (my yoga instructor), who’s house I was at on New Year’s Eve.  My office coordinator.  I didn’t talk to her for like a year after I technically met her, but as soon as we started talking, we connected – and I use that word with holy reverence.  My friend from NoVA. And then two more people this past week.

All people who I met and just felt.. Yes, be my friend!  I welcome your presence – in any capacity – in my life.

So, even though I’m a newbie to the whole making new friends thing, I found that it actually strikes me quite well… I like it.  It’s like every friend is a whole new world unto themselves, a world not born to me until I met them.


Each contact with a human being

is so rare, so precious,one should preserve it.

~Anais Nin



~ by Eva on May 31, 2011.

One Response to “Yes, Be My Friend”

  1. I think Uncle J. does this really well–he considers each contact with another human being to be interesting and precious. He goes out of his way to connect with strangers and considers it a privilege.

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