Drink More Ovaltine

I’m going to share now how to DECODE the history of my mental health via this blog.

Click on “Archives.”

There’s a drop-down box that shows how many times I posted during every month that I’ve had this blog.

The secret is in the NUMBERS.

Every month that I blogged 50 times or more…

Those were the  SHABBY months.

The only exception is January 2009 – that was a good month, but I was blogging a lot because I’d just met Pickle Man and I knew he was reading this blog.

Now, take notice of how GOOD my mental health is…

I’ve even been in the TEENS for several months now.  That is very GOOD.  In fact, ever since I moved here I’ve been remarkably more COMFORTABLE.

HENCE, the reason I consciously used the word

CONTENT in the last post.


These are the months and their respective vague reasons:

October 2010 – people things

August 2010 – work and people-related things

July 2010 – work and people-related things

April 2010 – new job/work things

Sept. 2009 – broke up with Pickle Man

April 2009 – personal and interpersonal things

Dec. 2008 – end of semester (grad school)/stress things


~ by Eva on June 2, 2011.

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