So, I realize by posting this, I’m just making fun of this girl.  I also this it’s really funny… is she for real???


~ by Eva on June 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Winner”

  1. totally NOT for real – if for no other reason than because of the person laughing at 2:20. if she was serious, she would have to respond to the person laughing in some way…or stop the video or something.

    my vote = not real
    (although i might be biased by wishful thinking – and the fact that i don’t usually “like baby things” – so i’m just all around insensitive ; )

  2. Ok, yeah, I think she’s faking too. So outlandish.

  3. But assuming she IS faking, that is still HILARIOUS!!! She totally fooled a lot of people!!! hahaha

  4. I just posted this to my friend’s facebook yesterday. too funny! Has to be fake, if it were actually real I can’t imagine anyone actually then posting it to the internet! at least I hope they wouldn’t do that!

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