What Does “E” Stand For?

So, the last three days for me have been chuck full of KIDS.

Little kids (4-5ish).

Elementary kids (8-11-ish).

Big kids (middle school boys).

Kids.  Lots and lots of kids.

And basically, because I’m awesome… they all love me.  They want me to play four-square with them…. “She’s really good at Four Square!”  They want to hug me.  They want to give me air fives and fist bumps, and play basketball with them.  I’m even “in” the middle school boy group.  The first day I was working in that group, we discussed it and the verdict from the boys was that even though it was a Boys Only group, I could be in it because I’m a *cool* girl.  haha!

Monday I was in a room of 3rd to 5th graders and we were playing Simon Says.  I was “Simon” so I had them doing Zumba dance moves, and dancing in general, and it was hilarious and FUN!!!  They were also hopping on one foot, while flapping their elbows, sticking out their bottoms, and trying to touch their nose with their tongue.  If it sounds funny, you’re right… it WAS funny.  And I totally enjoyed myself!

Usually I’m doing more of the behind the scenes work with all these kids (I supervise the folks who counsel them), but all this week I am FACE-TO-FACE with their awesome-ness.  Even abused, traumatized, hyperactive kids are AWESOME when they are having a BLAST with friends.

And I am their friend.  I am a safe adult. I gently and firmly instruct.  I have fun WITH them.

So, the last couple days I’ve been being a goof and in the process came up with this thing that I taught them.  It goes like this…

“What does “E” stand for?”

Response:  “Eva!”

“What does “Eva” stand for?”

Response:  “Awesome!”

It’s a whole mini-lesson in self-esteem.  If it’s okay that Eva says nice things about herself, then it’s okay for me to too.  I was talking today to one little guy (who said on Monday the worst thing that ever happened to him was when his dad went to jail and his biggest fear is that he’ll never get to live with his mom – how sad!) …

He said:  …that’s cause you’re smart.

I said:  You know what you are?  Smart AND good-looking.

He:  [smiled]

I said:  Is it okay if I just call you Good-Looking… like, “Hey, Good-Lookin’!”

He thought that would be fine. 🙂


~ by Eva on June 23, 2011.

5 Responses to “What Does “E” Stand For?”

  1. I act like an idiot (on purpose) when playing with our kids too. Always have done. I think half the secret to capturing kids attention and keeping it is to bring yourself to their level. Some of us do it without thinking about it 🙂

  2. Eva = Awesome
    I concur

    love this post. makes me smile. love it when others see you as a treasure – even if they wouldn’t/couldn’t put it into words like that. felt this as i heard about you loving on old people, feel this as i hear about you loving on little people. sending a few of “my kids” to such camps as you are putting on – hoping hoping hoping for such lovely people as you to continue to work on the things we work on each week.

  3. Awww, I love this post! 🙂

  4. I am so proud of you!

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