Stands With a Fist: A Post on Anger

I find it interesting that for so many years I have thought about and spouted the injustice of American culture, which inhibits a woman’s – but not a man’s – right to be angry.  I do not like it that it is perfectly acceptable for men to be/get angry, but if a woman gets really angry she gets called a foul name.

I also do not like it that it’s un-cosher for men to cry/have softer emotions, but perfectly acceptable – even expected – that women do.

Why is it that even though I recognize this, I still do not get angry???  Even in situations where it would be perfectly appropriate and just for me to be angry…

Why is it that I can just take things in so calmly?  Yes, this can be a useful trait in lots of situations and on the whole, I’m glad I don’t really have a list of things I’ve done in anger that I now regret.

But still… I would like to get better at letting myself be and express anger.  Even if I do it calmly.  haha 🙂

Just, righteous anger.  This is okay for me to feel and share.


~ by Eva on July 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Stands With a Fist: A Post on Anger”

  1. May I ask what you might be angry about? Is this about the war between women and men and what is acceptable in society’s eyes? Or something deeper? inquiring minds want to know…


  2. I’m not angry about anything. That is the problem.

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