Yo, yo.  I’m about to bust through 50,000 hits to this blog.

So lovely to feel heard/read.  I feel like I should celebrate.

Guess what????  Me and my friend are going on a day trip next week!  I’m taking next Thursday off work and we are going to go caving!  I’m pretty excited.

And also, I’m like feeling so good… spring cleaned my bedroom yesterday, rearranged a little bit, put brand new sheets on my bed, and it was just great.  I love cleaning, organizing my external life.  Makes internal chaos so much more tolerable.

It’s amazing how much more organized I’ve gotten as I’ve continued in this position/job.  I’m like reeediculously organized.  Every single paper has a labeled folder where it belongs.  Not that I have the capacity to DO all the things that I’m so organized about, but at least I’m organized about everything I can’t do!  haha

Guess what else??!?!??!  I don’t have to go to work until NINE O’CLOCK A.M. tomorrow!!!  I can’t even remember the last time I started work that late!  It practically feels like I’m getting the day off!

I can’t wait till Friday either… I have a counseling appointment and I’m going shopping with all the girls on my work team!


~ by Eva on July 27, 2011.

One Response to “Bustin’”

  1. Congratulations on hitting the 50K landmark! Keep up the good work.

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