Goodbye, Internet!

Dear Internet,

We’ve had a very close relationship now, for a long time.  I mean, you’ve practically been my best friend the last two years.  So much time we’ve spent together!  You are such a porthole to scads of information (meaningless, futile, and otherwise), hours of entertainment, and endless surfing of, well, nothing really.

You let me blog.  You let me stalk (only minor stalking, of course).  You let me post haphazard and ridiculous (not to mention, un-important) Facebook status’, and read other people’s too.

I’m sure we’ll still get together every day, so don’t feel too bad.  It just won’t be for hours on end any more.  Not that I don’t like you!  I still think you are great!  But I just need to do this for me.  There are books – lovely, engaging, mentally stimulating ones! – that await me.  And music to listen to.  And people to talk to.  See?  I just want to feed my brain more wholesome things.  That’s why I disconnected you today.

Dont’ worry though, I’ll see ya around.

Yours Truly,



~ by Eva on August 9, 2011.

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