An Afternoon With a Wise Person

If I had an afternoon with a very wise person, I would ask these questions….

Is it possible to be too forgiving?

Is it possible to get hurt by someone important to you and truly not be bitter?

When is it worth it to hurt someone’s feelings for the sake of them knowing the truth?

If you believe in God, how does God look to you?

If someone didn’t like you for reasons unknown to you, would you let them?

What was the best relationship you ever had?  What about it made it the best?

What do you do when you find something in yourself that you truly don’t like?  Do you feel like you need to change it?

How do you feel about losing hope?  Is it natural and good sometimes?  Or something else?

What is worth loving more than one’s self?

Will you give me a hug?


~ by Eva on August 29, 2011.

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