Search Terms

I love that – in the life of my blog – 66 people have found me by searching the term “hot diarrhea.”

56 people by searching the term “diarrhea pocket.”

43 people by searching the term “people farting.”

17 people have sent this question out into the universe and subsequently found my blog… why is diarrhea hot?

7 people have found this blog by searching the phrase “i like to play with my fat.”

7 people have stated to Google “my butt got bigger” and thence found me.

There are 6 men out there who said “i like my fat wife.”

And last but not least, 3 souls who reported solemnly to Internet that they “love fart.”


~ by Eva on September 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Search Terms”

  1. Slightly worrisome…

    • Oh, no, not at all… they are my kindred spirits…. people who – like me – eat, breath, think, and live bathroom humor. Which I got honestly (from my MOTHER).

  2. Oh no you didn’t! Your dad brainwashed you into thinking it came from me, but it really came from him. He was the one always laughing!

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