Cool! … oh, wait

So, tonight I almost thought I was *cool.*

Cool tonight meant:  independent.  tall.  put together.  calm.  above the strains and pressures of the American workforce.  living my life according to me.

See, my employee today alerted me to the fact that the local university’s symphony was performing in their new performing arts center.  I was so excited!  The opportunity is perfectly me… I get to dress up.  I get to go alone (I am not afraid to be alone).  To an actual EVENT.  Not something I made up, like a visit to a coffee shop.  There’s something going on and I’m actually going to participate!  For one night, I won’t be a loner.  I will be going alone to public event.  I will be a part of group of people who are going to enjoy something tonight.

I left work at 6pm and drove home, excited to start the process – the art – of preparing myself for the event.

I wore my biggest heels.  I did my hair – classy, up-do.  I carefully applied make-up… highlighting, contouring, shading, curling, lining, mascara-ing.  I put on my favorite earrings and my long, dark green coat with black faux fur around the neck.

Long story, short… I went.  I walked down the stairs to the front doors.  Lots of people were there walking in the building.

And for some reason, I walked the other way.

I diverted myself from my original trajectory, walked straight to the university library, and wrote this blog post.



~ by Eva on November 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Cool! … oh, wait”

  1. Totally cracked me up! Follow up, lovely, follow up!!! Where is the extended analysis? The assessment? This progress note is TOTALLY not finished! You wrote the data, but no assessment. This will never do : )

    “And for some reason, I walked the other way.”


    • Aren’t you proud of me though, at least a little bit??? I managed to write a blog post WITHOUT a drawn-out, beat-the-horse kind of self-analysis!!!! Wow!!!!

  2. So much effort and preparation! So close! You must get to the root of this, to learn more about yourself. 🙂

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