Natural Insecurities

I am realizing that part of being human is that you get some natural insecurities.  It’s part of being finite and needing other finite things – attachments that feel secure, food, shelter, water, etc. – to be able to feel good.

The noted need that I am thinking about as I write this is that of/for “secure attachments.”  We need our attachments to *feel* secure, but there is no such thing as a truly *secure* attachment.

We love finite human beings… we are time-limited.

Hence, there are natural insecurities.  But because that makes loving potentially so painful, it also makes it that much more necessary.  We can’t live with fear, however natural it is, without also needing someone to temper the fear.  Someone for you to shelter in the storm of life and for you to be sheltered by in the same storm.   A finite someone, but still…

Someone with whom you feel secure.


~ by Eva on November 9, 2011.

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  1. You! Find this: Read it. Be glad that I’m your friend.

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