20 Things I Learned in 2011 About Getting Dressed

1)  You can add tights and boots to almost any dress and make it look cute.

2)  Mustard (the color) goes with anything.

3)  Big. Gold. Watches.

4)  Black tights with black shoes are the bomb-diggity.

5)  Whether you look good in them or not, skinny jeans are cool.  Especially with high heels.

6)  Black and brown go together now.  Blue and black go together now too.  Who-da-thunk.

7)  Tie your belt.

8)  Add a scarf.

9)  Wear the same color with different patterns and/or textures.

10)  Denim + denim.  It’s okay!

11)  Faux fur.

12)  Top knot.

13)  Hipster glasses.

14)  You don’t have to match.

15)  Billow-y sleeves are the most wonderful thing.

16)  Oh, geez, I love sequin.  Lace too.

17)  Over-sized sweaters can be done right.

18)  I can’t say enough about blazers… tweed, navy, chic black… LOVE.

19)  Outfits of only black and tan items are versatile and awesome.

20)  Fashion is all about people’s opinions and only one opinion needs to matter to you…



~ by Eva on January 4, 2012.

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