Do More of What Makes You Happy?

Really?  Are you SURE?


~ leave work early

~ sleep in, go to work late

~ shop at H & M

~ play soccer

~  eat ice cream

~ go see movies at the movie theater

~ make new outfits from my closet

~ shop at The Limited

~ shop at Express

~ go to sleep early

~ play ultimate disc/frisbee

~ be awesome

~ go hiking out yonder

~ pretend to be a college kid

~ be awesome (again)

~ see an opera with B

~ Maryland with R

~ get out of town

~ go tanning


~ loss of job

~ no money

~ good times

~ skin cancer


~ by Eva on February 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Do More of What Makes You Happy?”

  1. Oh goodness, how I love you. Thanks for the shout out and the laugh. I don’t think I should make one of these lists…I would get depressed I think. 😉
    Are we going to NYC when you turn 30 or me?

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