Well, Frankly

Well, frankly, sometimes I just want it to be easier.

This summer I worked really hard and long hours, and things went really well.

Now, I’m working really hard, really long hours, and things are not going well.

And it doesn’t help at all that I am so tired.  I hate getting You-Forgot-Such-And-Such-emails.  I wish I could just respond, “No, I did not forget it. I just can’t do everything.”

Thank goodness for the 26 succulent, wonderful hours at home in Ohio with Such A One.  It was really, really great to be at home in the peaceful serenity of my childhood home with my parents and Such A One.  While we were there, I kept commenting to Such A One how quiet it was.

That’s the upside, so I’ll end on that.


~ by Eva on August 20, 2012.

One Response to “Well, Frankly”

  1. reading your post as a reward for completing a LONG list of contact that needed to be made…note the time. 12:23am. they were overdue by my standards, but there is a part of me that hopes the recipients note the time these e-mails were sent. desirable interpretation? she cares.

    love your heart that cares about your work and the PEOPLE you work so hard for – and i don’t mean your boss or your company.

    hugs…for a job well done.

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