Fender Bender Vs. Trail Mix

Such-A-One came to my soccer game this week and afterward when we were walking out to his truck, we saw someone back their Jeep right into his truck.  We were only about 10-15 feet away and I kept thinking as I saw it getting closer and closer to his truck, “Oh, they’ll stop.”  Only one second before  the impact did I gasp.


Do you want to know what Such-A-One did?

He went, un-offended, to the passenger side of his truck and got his bag of trail mix.  That was his first instinct… trail mix.

He did then take a look at the damage (which was minimal to none), calm the poor kid down who had hit the truck, and send the kid on his way… all while he munched his trail mix.

I told him afterward that I liked how he had handled it, i.e. without getting mad.  He seemed to think there was no other way of handling it.  But why would there be when you have TRAIL MIX?


~ by Eva on June 13, 2013.

One Response to “Fender Bender Vs. Trail Mix”

  1. Love it!

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