6-Word Memoir

Another idea for a six word memoir:

These Are The Good Ol’ Days.

And I mean that too.  These are always the good ol’ days.

I am loving:  all the soccer and ultimate I play and feeling that a few of the people I’ve been playing with the last couple years are finally “friends”, the kids I get to enjoy every day, my employees’ diligence and care of our kiddos, getting to spend a lot of time with Such A One, the Christmas season (Such A One would disagree), nesting as the weather cools down, and more things.

Random: Such A One and I usually go eat at Chipotle Tuesdays and Thursdays after we play pick-up Ultimate.  This past Tuesday, two different workers remembered exactly what we order and then the manager swept in while we are getting rung up, and took off the price of one of our orders.  It may not sound like much, but I thought it was awesome.  It felt like the kind of moment when strangers turn familiar.


~ by Eva on October 31, 2013.

2 Responses to “6-Word Memoir”

  1. “It felt like the kind of moment when strangers turn familiar” – beautiful way to put a beautiful experience!

    PS – write more! ; )

  2. ditto… I was going to note the same phrase.

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