October 11, 1995: A Mother’s Love

(I was 10 years old.)

October 11, 1995 – Today I got my card down again.  I pushed Lee because he cut in line.  I hate school, Mrs. Skillite, Lee, and Mrs. Edmiston.  I have been crying sense I found out.  I also hate myself.  I am very very stupied.  It is bad for me because last year I was on the all A Honoroll.  I am now a lunch waiter.  I have to go to the end of the whole fifth grade for the rest of the week.  I should not have to get my card down.  3:33pm

October 12, 1995 – Last night I gave my mom at note that said everything that I said yesterday.  Today she said it was all over and done with.  I was so glad.  It made me burst.  5:25pm


~ by Eva on January 7, 2014.

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