Tuck Away

I went with Such-A-One last weekend to visit his parents.  There was this one point when Such-A-One was off catching his dogs and I was walking across the backyard.  His mom was cleaning on the backporch with the hose, keeping an eye on Such-A-One’s dad/her husband with a sneaky little grin.  When he got close enough, she tried to shoot him with the hose, but he quickly ducked behind me.

He proceeded to use me as a human shield the whole way across the yard, while BOTH of them were giggling.  It was so fun.

I just wanted to tuck away the memory here so I don’t ever forget it.


~ by Eva on July 27, 2014.

One Response to “Tuck Away”

  1. I do love to hear your thoughts and daily experiences. I think you “should”/I would love you to 🙂 tuck away thoughts and memories more often so I can hear them too. Love you, always.

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