Things To Do Before I Die: Update VIII

1. Earn another Masters degree or a Ph. D.

2. Write a book

3. Go to Scotland

4. Learn another language

5. Run a marathon

6. Play the piano with a symphony orchestra

7. See a flamenco performance

8. Go to Switzerland

9. Travel with R

10. Meet Barack Obama

11. Be a psychotherapist/counselor

12. Work with SMD population

13. Make All-Conference for soccer

14. Live on a farm

15. Read 500 books

16. Change careers

17. Give a solo piano recital

18. Pi Delta Society

19. See an opera

20. Participate in a protest

21. Skydive

22. Learn to drive in Columbus rush hour traffic

23. Hug Seoung Joo in South Korea

24. Get a tattoo

25. Ask someone unsuspecting out on a date

26. Go to the movies by myself

27. Go skinny dipping

28. Take a vacation from my problems by myself

29. Learn a new sport

30. Go to Glacier and Yosemite National Parks

31. Take horseback riding lessons

32. Own a baby grand piano

33. See the U.S. Supreme Court in action

34. Secret

35. Take violin lessons

36. Go running in 0 degree and 100 degrees (Fahrenheit)


~ by Eva on September 22, 2014.

One Response to “Things To Do Before I Die: Update VIII”

  1. Time to make #30 a reality!!

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