My Non-Futuristic Thinking

It has come to my attention lately that I don’t think very far into the future. Since realizing that I have tried on a few occasions to think of what my dreams are for the future, only to draw a blank. In fact, over the summer the owner of our company was visiting our site and asked me what I wanted for the future within our company. The question caught me off guard both because I wasn’t prepared to be asked anything and also because I didn’t have an answer, even after thinking about it. What I ended up saying to him was basically, “I really enjoy what I’m doing now and my hope for the future is that I get to continue doing it.” In other words, “I don’t know. That’s too far ahead from this moment.”

In the same vein, I’m having a mini personal crisis lately because I discovered that I’m an ISFP. Fairly balanced between the N and S, but just a bit on the S side of things. It’s a mini crisis because I think that means I’m an aesthetic person slightly more than a value/idea person. Although on the upside (if that was a down side), it explains why I’m so “easygoing”. In fact, that was the most common characteristic of all ISFPs… “Easygoing.” Additionally, ISFPs projected themselves the least far into the future of all the 16 personality types.

One of the ISFPs “kindred spirits” is the ISTP, which is what my boifran is.  Supposedly the ISFP and the ISTP have similar interests and ways of viewing the world, thus resulting in an easy rapport.  I definitely feel that and love it.  (Except when is comes to Christmas.)  The Man (formerly Such A One) and I get along famously.  It’s quite easy, which I notice and appreciate often.  Personality-wise, I feel the biggest differences between us is that he is way more assertive and decisive than I am.  That’s the difference between a T (Thinker, him) and an F (Feeler, me).  He likes to tease me about saying, “I feel…” when it’s really something that would make more sense if I said, “I think…”  Or I’ll ask him, “How do you feel about…?” instead of “What are your thoughts on…?

Anyway, he doesn’t think far into the future either, so we’re on the same page.  And I don’t know what my dreams are for the future.  Maybe be a really good counselor.  And maybe more assertive.  I’d like to live in a place with a view of mountains.  And feel relaxed.

Or not.

Because even just right now, today, I am an okay counselor.  I can be assertive.  I do live in the mountains and drive through them every day.  And I feel relaxed.  So I’m already arrived.


~ by Eva on October 22, 2014.

One Response to “My Non-Futuristic Thinking”

  1. Love listening to you.

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