Structural Couples Therapy

“… Functional couples not only tolerate, but actively encourage, differences between the partners. They are marked by an ethos and a style of interaction that invites each partner to see the ways in which the other partner is different as a resource rather than as a threat.”

~ George R. Simon, “Structural Couple Therapy”

“The dysfunctional couple, in distinction, is one whose external boundary is excessively diffuse or rigid… A rigid boundary… cuts the couple off from its environment. The couple behaves, not as a subsystem, but as a world unto itself, resulting inevitably in functional and emotional overload… The dysfunctional couple also displays extremes in its approach to internal differentiation. Differences between the partners are either not tolerated, or they rigidify into warring positions, or at least into positions that do not engage in significant dialogue with each other. In both scenarios, the couple subsystem is deprived of resources.”

~ George R. Simon, “Structural Couple Therapy”


~ by Eva on August 31, 2015.

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