Summer 2015

I had such a great summer.  Early this summer, I discovered a group of competitive Ultimate players  that play 2-3 times PER WEEK, year round, right down the street.  Which totally makes me starry eyed, just thinking about it.  On top of that, I got to play in four Ultimate tournaments:  Monkey Bowl in May, Commonwealth Games in July, CUDO Summer League Tourney in July, and HoDown in August.  Also in August, The Man and I visited his brother and sister-in-law in Asheville.  That was such a fun visit, because it was the first time the four of us had spent time together, just us.  We are fabulous together:  same phase of life, similar interests, similar senses of humor, interconnected, generally same levels of differentiation, etc.

Also, this summer I got to spend another week and a half at home in Ohio (spent two weeks there earlier this year, as well) with mi madre and padre after my mom’s knee surgery.  That’s probably the highlight and the thing I’ll remember the most about this year… getting to spend almost a month back on the homestead with my parents.  It was just like old times, but yet not.  It was all the good things about family without the strain of a mother-teenage-daughter-relationship thrown in there.  It was seriously a treasure.

I have six people.  Six people (not counting the Four Littles), who I dearly love above all others in the whole, wide, entire world:  Papa, Mama, Brother, Sister, The Man, and Best Friend.

Speaking of Best Friend, I visited her a couple weeks ago and it was AWESOME.  First of all, we got lots of quality time together.  Secondly, we went to the public pool and did backflips off the diving board, just like we used to that one summer in junior high.  Thirdly, we played Foot Golf with her husband and it was so fun.  Everything about that visit was life-enriching.

While I was there, Best Friend put me onto the tracks of Glennon Doyle Melton.  When I got home I got her book Carry On, Warrior, and the proceeded to read it – to the end, no less- in a record 48 HOURS.  I think the thing I liked most about that book was that she thinks about God like I do, but before I read her book I thought I was the only one (except maybe Best Friend).  I thought as I read it, about writing a blog post but I never got past the title, which was going to be something like, “Hey, Church, Ur Doin It Wrong”.

Glennon really gets grace, which has always (and by “always,” I mean the last 10 years) been my favorite part too.  I feel like my church, and my old church too, talk a lot about grace.  But only for people who are SORRY.  That just doesn’t strike me as a very far-reaching kind of grace.

Anyway, I told Best Friend while I was there that I feel most connected to God at work, undoing hurts.  If you know the kinds of kids I work with, you understand why.  If you know the kids themselves, you understand even better.


~ by Eva on September 18, 2015.

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  1. Love you deeply.

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