Size Two

So, I went to Such-A-One’s house today.  He has a neighbor who has the same name as his overweight dog.  Her name is Karen.

A few days ago, Such-A-One got his dog a toddler (age/size 3) hooded sweat shirt.  It is blue and white striped.  His dog was wearing it today.  He and I talked a lot about how cute she was in it.

This afternoon his dog was tied up in the grass of the front yard.  When we walked out the front door, his neighbor had just walked by his sidewalk.  Such-A-One did not realize that when he shouted, “KAREN!!  We need to get you down to a size two!”

Some Rascal

Last week state testing started at the elementary school.  Everyone is anxious and stressed, and there are signs up all over the building that say, “SHHHHHH!!!!  Testing is going on!!!!”

Well, by Thursday some brilliant little rascal had erased on one of the white board signs the “Tes” and the “is going on!!!!”

So all that was left was…



How Did I Know?

I gave a little boy a Christmas present today of a pair of camouflage gloves.  He LOVES camouflage, so he put them on right away.  When he realized they fit him perfectly, he was totally amazed.  Immediately he began inspecting the package and when he saw they were a youth size, he looked at me dumbfounded and said, “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WEAR A YOUTH SIZE??”

Believing in Santa

In my elementary school today, the kids were watching The Polar Express while they had an ice cream party for getting their multiplication tables.  During the course of this party, there was a lot of talk about Santa Claus, including honest-to-goodness elementary-style POLLS of believers to non-believers.

Later on, one of my favorite kids (who has Asberger’s, or so it is called for the time being) is sitting there munching on his ice cream and says to me…

Boy:  “Miss Eva, do you believe in Santa Claus?”

Me:  “Yes!  Of course!”

Boy:  “Me too.  I think [Bobby] does too…”

He paused for a moment, looking at his ice cream, and then said with conviction…

“Me, you, and Bobby… we just never stop believing.”